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The Saviour Group has vast experience in the
renewable energy industry.

We work with clients who are reputable and
established in regions across the east coast of
Australia, with extensive installer networks, ensuring
your system's installed on time, every time.
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We have partnered with leading companies
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The due diligence we have done in the marketplace
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Step 1:

This is where we find out where your super is, how much you have and if our services are a good fit for you.

Step 2:
Research & Analysis

This step is the most important in terms of getting as close to accurate projection of where you are going to be, come your retirement. We will be speaking with you and your super fund or alternatively utilising statements to identify the costs involved, insurances you pay for and see whether your current position is suitable for you and your family when you reach your retirement age.

Step 3:

By far this is the most exciting part of the process, if you have successfully qualified and completed the research step, our fully licensed financial advisory firm partners will recommend an option based on your best interest to ensure you're in a better position than you are now, what are you waiting for?

Solar Energy, Powered By the Sun!


The Saviour Group has vast experience in the renewable energy industry. We work with clients who are reputable and established in regions across the east coast of Australia, with extensive installer networks.

We ensure that our clients only receive the best quality products and service from the point of contact all the way through to installation, with accredited solar retailers and clean energy council approved installers who sustain the benchmark for the newly regulated solar industry.

You can expect a quick, informative presentation as to how solar will benefit you from your first point of contact.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is The Saviour Group a company we can trust?

The Saviour Group is a marketer for multiple fully licensed financial advisory firms, solar energy retailers/installers and soon will work with well known established household electricity retailers

Why do you require my Tax File Number?

Fully licensed financial advisory firms are able to locate lost super which will help consolidate everything into one super fund. There are also tax components related to your TFN within your superannuation. All the financial advisory firms adhere to a strict privacy policy to ensure your information is protected.

Is there an option where we can do face to face?

Discussing these options with your potential firm is an option, however with the advancements in technology we have found most clients have found a video conference convenient or simply just over the phone. As we work with clients Australia wide this isn't always an option, keeping things remote as they are also helps keep fees lower for you as their potential client.

Does this cost me anything?

Our review service is obligation free, and does not cost you anything. In the event you were to take on the advice given by your potential advisor a fee structure is explained and put into writing for you. You would have to accept the advice in which your superannuation fund will cover their fee. If you do not proceed with the advice the cost is $0.


What information is needed for a solar energy assessment?

We will need some basic information to start with depending on the region in which you live, as there are different requirements for different distribution networks. Simply, we would start with an address, power bill amount and your primary goal/focus on what you'd like to achieve with solar. This is for both residential and commercial customers.

Do I qualify for solar?

Not everyone does qualify for solar, however these are the requirements:

- You are a home owner
- Minimal shading issues
- Your bill is more than $250 per quarter
- Are receiving an income of some sort (specifics discussed with a consultant)

Is solar affordable?

All of our renewable energy partners have either in house, or third party reputable solar financiers to give you access to which require $0 up front. In most cases if solar is suitable for you, you will pay less for solar on a quarterly basis than you would for your electricity bill.

"If you want to build something big, you have to start with a small step!"

The Saviour Group was established with the purpose of providing transparency to Australians, by leveraging into the secure partnerships we have created with our hand-selected partners.

Throughout the average Australian household, there are a number of expenses on a regular basis that are deemed “essential”.

Alongside the company mission, The Saviour Group’s aim is to ensure that all Australians are aware of what they are entitled to and have the ability to make a secure and educated decision towards their savings.

We have hand selected a number of providers in different verticals who have successfully satisfied our rigorous onboarding process.

A number of factors we take into heavy consideration is compliance, process, transparency, security and integrity within the marketplace.

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Customers Helped

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